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stretch and flex yoga workshops

Contact me for dates this year as they are yet to be decided

“Life is a balance between rest and movement” – Osho

Join me for some vital body mind balancing throughout the year. Make this year the year to deepen and enrich your yoga practice.

The workshops will be a great and easy way to develop and deepen your practice, gaining more of an understanding about certain core poses. Helping you get into some positions you may not of had the opportunity to explore in a group class setting.

All of the workshops will follow the same structure and will be split into 4 sections:

Pranayama (breathing). Learn and develop detoxifying breathing techniques that you can implement into your everyday life beyond your asana practice. Helping you to take control of stress, detox your mind and body and bring a sense of calm to your life

Technique. Understanding the technique behind core asanas (poses), connecting to the bandhas and understanding the different drishti (focus) points

1.5 hour Asana (physical) practice. Focusing on hip opening, core strength, inversions, stretching and lengthening the hamstrings and detoxifying twists

Meditation and deep relaxation techniques. There will also be a guided meditation to candlelight sending you off to enjoy a lovely evening

What some of you past yogi work shoppers have to say: 

“Thank you for a great workshop on Saturday. Was so impressed I was almost there with the shoulder stand. Slept very well last night.” Melanie

“Feeling the effects today from Saturday! Good sign that I worked hard. Please put me down for the next one.” Simon

“Thank you, Rebekah, it was a really fantastic afternoon. I’ll be back for more.” Chloe

“Thank you for the lovely session on Saturday! Was just what I needed :) really enjoyed it.” Joyce

Happy Body, Happy Heart, Happy Mind.

Price: £55

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