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flex and stretch
happy body, happy heart, happy mind


“Rebekah’s teaching style is inspirational and nurturing. She made me, 10 minute payday loans a complete beginner, feel confident and want to bring yoga into my life permanently.” Sandra

“I found Rebekah’s workshops a great way to understand the technical elements behind the poses. I’ve realised that I’ve been doing down dog wrong for the last couple of months. She’s excellent at corrections.” – Tony

She’s just so passionate about what she does and it shows through her teaching.” – Daisy

“I praise Rebekah to the skies. She was the difference between day and night compared to my last teacher.” – Simon

“Her classes are just beautiful” – Gennady

“I had been suffering with lower back problems for a while. A few private sessions with Rebekah gave me some set exercises to practice daily that I could fit into my daily life. After a few months I really noticed a difference and the pain has subsided. I feel stronger than ever.” – Vivienne

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for the lessons. You have been amazing. I really felt I could trust you and your teaching style was so relaxed and effective. I still can’t believe what my body can do! I would never have done most of those moves without your guidance.” – Jac

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your class at the Hoxton.
I have had great feedback from everybody! So much so that my Boss wants to get you into our offices!”

I thank my students for their kind words and allowing me to practice with them.


Happy body, happy heart, happy mind.

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