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flex and stretch
happy body, happy heart, happy mind


I teach dynamic Vinyasa Flow yoga, incorporating elements from many yoga traditions. Working with your body and mind to bring balance through the body, internal organs, emotions and thoughts.

Through yoga you can develop harmony in the mind and body.

My philosophy is to make yoga accessible to everyone and anyone. Yoga means UNION and my aim is to bring all people together to enjoy the benefits of having a regular yoga practice in your life. Physical yoga poses (asanas) will keep the overall mobility in your body that might stiffen up with age. Regular yoga will make your joints supple, muscles long and keep you safe from degenerative illnesses.

As you bend and stretch your body you massage your organs and you oxygenate your cardiovascualr system. Breathing techniques will develop your mental focus helping you to remain calm and at ease during your daily life, equipping you with a broader perspective to cope with whatever you encounter in your life.

Yoga is the ultimate health management system.

Happy body, happy heart, happy mind.

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