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About Rebekah Fensome

I am a +200-hr Yoga Alliance certified teacher and therapist. I’ve practicing yoga for many years and couldn’t imagine my life without it.

I teach a diverse range of clients from actors, writers, Mums, celebrities, bankers, traders, personal trainers and entrepreneurs and people of all ages.  Yoga really is for everyone.  In my practice to music I aim to build heat from within the body so you can flex and stretch your muscles, relax your mind and learn how to breathe.

I’m also a Lifestyle Expert, trained Life Coach and Business Coach, NLP Practitioner and Clinical hypnotherapist and believe in leading a realistic healthy lifestyle from a MIND BODY FUEL perspective. You can read more about my MIND therapies here:

I’ve also developed “Yoga-Hypno” which is a combination of dynamic Vinyasa Flow yoga with savasana ending with deep relaxation hypnotherapy.

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